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 •  Silent operation

 •  Highly focused heating

 •  No maintenance

 •  Cheaper installation costs

 •  Lower levels of energy consumption

Are you tired of having to huddle up to the radiators? Do you dread having to nip through the cold, unheated air between rooms?


Infrared heating can warm you directly, meaning valuable warmth isn't lost through convection up to the ceiling. What's more, this type of heaters puts out much more heat while using less energy than traditional gas-burning heaters.


They also stand as a stylish, modern addition to any room in any property.

Advantages of infrared heaters:

Infrared Heaters for clients in Dumfries & Galloway

We all want to be toasty and warm in our homes, but would rather avoid the sometimes stratospheric bills that come with it - infrared heaters are the ideal solution.


We can also offer you a range of solar panels and other energy efficient ideas to help further lower your costs.


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